Hello and welcome to the Hornby Thomas Wikia, a Wikia dedicated entirely to Hornby's Thomas & Friends range. 

The Thomas Hornby Wikia needs you! 

The wikia is still under construction and we are in desperate need of helpful vounteers who are willing to give up thier time in order to make this Wikia the accurate and sucessful place it should be. Could that person be you? If so go ahead and make an edit. ~ThomasTankCollectables

We also have a Facebook page, have you liked us? Make sure you do and get your friends to as well, we need some publicity! 

First Destinations

Before you make your first contribution to the Wikia make sure you stop by the following pages, just to make sure you are on the right track!

1) Rules    2) Our Staff    3) Announcements   4) Current Events


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