Buildings and accessoriesEdit

There have been several Thomas Buildings throughout the years, First the accessories, which are a rebuild of Hornby's standard trackside accessories and laterly in 2005, most of the buildings are representatives of those seen in the subsequent television series.


  • The boxes for the Thomas Accessories throughout the 1980's used colour images from the television series, which differ in numorous respects to the models sold.

Buildings releasedEdit


  • Station (retired)
  • Footbridge (retired)
  • Platform with canopy (retired)
  • Goods shed and loading (retired)
  • Signals (retired)
  • Water Tower and Water crane (retired)
  • Tunnel (retired)
  • Engine Shed (retired)
  • Signal Box (retired)


  • Country Station (retired)
  • Water Tower and Signal Box pack (retired)
  • Radio-Controlled Sound System (discontinued)


  • Maithwaite Station (retired)
  • Water Tower (retired)
  • Signal Box (retired)
  • Double Engine Shed (retired)
  • Tunnel (retired)
  • Goods Yard Crane (retired)


  • Three circus tents and three circus stalls (retired)
  • Dryaw Station (retired)
  • Windmill (retired)
  • Another Signal Box (retired)


  • Great Waterton Station (retired)
  • Stanley's Shed (retired)
  • Waterton Butchers (retired)
  • Blacksmiths (retired)
  • Post Office (retired)
  • Ben's Books (retired)
  • Ed's Garage (retired)
  • Great Waterton station platform (retired)


  • Station and platform (cancelled)
  • Engine shed (cancelled)
  • Goods shed (cancelled)
  • Signal box (cancelled)
  • Water tower and crane (cancelled)
  • Footbridge (cancelled)
  • Platform with canopy (cancelled)


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